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The Slayer (M2X)
10ml spray $37.00

-Time Release Formulation
-Shifts From Social to Sexual in 2 Hours
5ml Oil $50.00

-Status Enhancement Formula
-Same Formulation as Original
- Upper Echelon Signature
-Social and Professional Rank

San Graal
5ml Oil $47.00
-Chamber36 based Social
-All in One
-Limited Edition
-Incredible Real Ambergris Scent 

10 ml spray $37.00

-Comfortable Rapport Builder
-Spotlight Effect
-More Social than Core
-Hint of Sexuality 


We supply the highest quality pheromone colognes at the best prices.

Clean Clothes


Pheromone products are often disguised as colognes.Apex takes pride in our premium cologne cover scents that are included with the product purchase price at no additional cost. Choose from one of our great scent selections or get your product unscented so you can use your own cologne.

Fury - House Blend of Starfruit, Cedar, Rosewood, Agave, Blue Musk notes. Our most popular scent.
Fuse - Versace Eros
Sex magnet- Green Irish Tweed

Frost - Creed Aventus
Gold - 100 million
Arc - SpiceBomb
Onyx - Ken Cole Black
Classic - Mysore Sandalwood Oil/Ebanol
Pulse - Masculine Tropical Starfruit
Ensnare - Lucky You
Silver - Azarro Chrome
Wristocrat - Boss




     Our primary goal is to provide unique premium pheromone colognes backed with a strong commitment to quality and consistency. We personally use the pheromones we sell and our formula ingredients are lab certified for purity and potency.

     Apex offers artisan products that contain synthetic human pheromones in precise proportions. Each Apex product strives for a customized sociological effect.

Each product formulation is hand made in small batches to ensure the very best in precision measuring and quality control.

     Each formula is vigorously tested in public venues by skilled pheromone users and calibrated for maximum efficiency. We wear what we sell.

We have university educated scientists and chemists available in the formulation and creation of our products.

     Education, experience, dedication to quality, and a special understanding of pheromones are the hallmarks of our service.


An invisible representation of you is being released all day long from your sweat glands in the form of perspiration. Some could call this an aura. Some could call it an electrically-charged sweat fog full of metabolic wastes that can transmit chemical messages.


  This skin evaporate is mostly water and salt, but also a complex mixture of metabolic byproducts and chemical messengers that can subconsciously tell others, through scent, a form of vital statistics. A personalized olfactory blueprint of your immune system. This is a mechanism for proliferation of species diversity. Being instinctively driven to seek out others with differing immune systems also is a natural barrier against inbreeding.


  We are sure you have seen the magazine or online ads promoting endless love and sex with just a simple spray of this or that. We remember getting burned by those back of the magazine advertisements too. Unfortunately in the real world, those "Get laid now" advertisement descriptions are not quite that simple.   


  If your objective is to find and try over-marketed pheromone colognes promising unrealistic expectations with no science to back it up.. Well this website is NOT for you.


The Chemistry of Communication

Communication has always been important to the survival of any species. Animals have long relied on scent communication for territory marking and mate selection. Bees and ants have a complex social caste created with pheromones. So where do these primitive chemicals fit into modern day human society?


  Throughout our known history, communication methods have ranged from cave drawings, archaic smoke signals and carrier pigeons to modern satellites, text messages, and Email. Information has passed between our species for thousands of years and not all of it has been visible to the naked eye.


     Science is just now beginning to unlock the secrets of these chemical signals. There are ways of communication other than spoken word or symbols and pheromones are one of them. These silent communicators are released every day by every one of us. The topics of the message are based on our genes, lifestyle, diet, environment, etc.

  Modern hygiene practices, and some medications, restrict our full utilization of these chemical signals. In a nutshell, chemical reception breakdown (from lack of use) on an already weakened pheromone signal (from frequent bathing and/or exogenous hormone replacement.)  

How Do Pheromones Work?

What Makes Apex Products More Than Just Cologne ?

Ever wonder why people at concerts raise their arms in excitement? Why do people lift their arms high on roller coasters and concerts?

     When humans are excited they excrete certain hormone metabolites into their sweat. Armpits are an outlet of that sweat and evaporate these pheromones into the air. This message is detected by others and next thing you know it's hands in the air. Mother nature has a crafty way of getting the party started.

     Think of this subconscious way of showing elation that goes deep into our primitive brains. Primal chemical messengers that are received by primal chemical receptors. Humans are naturally social creatures and these pheromones are a way of chemically talking without words.

Natural chemicals, lost from modern hygiene, could be more important to socialization than we once thought.

     Why do we as a species seem to have grown distant in socialization practices?

Apart from media distractions and electronic devices, one could say our everyday hygiene techniques are a double edged sword. The course of showering with cleansing agents removes dirt and odors but also the natural pheromones from our skin.


     This has the possibility of reducing our chemical communication potential.

So in a competitive world where every edge counts is your edge literally running down the drain?

Aside from not showering and breaking unwritten human laws of decency, how do we keep these natural chemical messengers from washing away?

     The solution: Reintroduce them back onto your body in specific ratios. Minus the sweat, of course.

We at Apex have isolated various molecules that replicate the effects of the primal pheromones lost from cleansing practices.


     These synthetic pheromones, when incorporated into an ultra premium carrier spray, have the ability to produce subtle changes in social environments. It's not magic. It's science.

We then alter the ratios to which the pheromones are reintroduced. When applied correctly and consistently, this technique has the potential to influence social relationships.


  This is how Apex Pheromones work.

couple beach.jpg



-Pheromone Enhancer

-Spotlight Effect

-Popularity Increase

-High Projection

10ml $37.00


-Bonding Initiator

-Date Night Cologne

-Can Assist With Leaving Lasting Impressions
10ml $37.00




-Faster Escalation

-Second date pheromone

 10ml $37.00


-Powerful Bonding

-Day or Night use

-Relationship Enhancer
10ml $37.00


-Increases Conversation

-Sexual Formula

-ONS product

-Increases Social Comfort

-Our most Sexual Formula

10ml $37.00

-Increases Conversation

-IOI Generator

-Work Safe

-Increases Social Awareness

-Our most Social Formula

10ml $37.00

-New Scent

-Social Icebreaker

-Great for Gatherings/Parties

-Center of Attention

10ml $37.00


-Stealth Sexual 

-Day or Night use

-Female Attractant

-Oil Based

5ml $40.00

-Social Alpha Formula

-Strengthens Social Status

-Good for Office

10ml $37.00



-Conversation Enhancer


10ml $37.00

-God King Formula 

-Day or Night use

-Persian Inspired

-Variation of Classic Scent

-Oil Based

-Alpha Sexual

-Long Lasting

5ml Oil $40.00

10 ml spray $37.00
-Comfortable Rapport Builder
-Spotlight Effect
-More Social than Core
-Hint of Sexuality 

Lab Experiments



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Coming Soon

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