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Born from the hit social acceptance formula named Chamber 36 that was a great pheromone oil for social gatherings and other social functions, we introduce its big brother San Graal. A truly remarkable social engineering product that is very powerful in effect.

We use crazy high amounts of social pheromones like DHEA-S, Androstanone, and Beta-Androstenol to create an aura signature that bends and blurs the limits of social acceptance.
We then add our own proprietary aged real ambergris musk tincture (humanely sourced) to create a wonderful smelling and enchanting animal musk driven product that is sure to be a hit with anyone who catches a whiff of it on you.
Some of our expert testers have received countless compliments during field trials coupled with large amounts of public acceptance.
If you want to wear a socially welcoming signature that seems to make instant friends, this product is for you.

2-4 drops is a great starting point. Some users may be interested in more or less drops and it is nearly impossible to wear too much. Some testers have gone up to 10 drops with nearly unbelievable interactions. 
San Graal combines well with any pheromone product to enhance (or engineer) an increased social aura. 
Some of our testers have labeled this work of art as "Core Oil" with the same "spotlight" effect that our Core spray tends to deliver.

As with many pheromone oils, wearing it under your clothes is not advised as it impedes diffusion of the product. Exposed skin is best. Wrists, jawline, neck, and behind the ears are all great places to place pheromone products.
Dabbing instead of smearing is advised during applications. The frictional heat created by rubbing wrists together can bruise delicate ingredients and is not the best way to cover multiple areas.
We suggest put 2 or more drops on your wrist, dab with your finger onto the application places advised above, then let the wonderful pheromone magic of San Graal begin.  

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