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-Increases Conversation

-Sexual Formula

-ONS product

-Increases Social Comfort

-Our most Sexual Formula


 Dionysos (or Dionysus) was the god of ecstasy, the grape harvest, wine, and wine making in Greek mythology. His outrageous festivals are rumored to have been the origins of Greek theater.


     Not all men go out to clubs and venues looking to find that special person to share a life with. Some guys find it enjoyable to go out and savor the moment for just that.. the moment. Enter Dionysos.


     We decided to make a product for men who enjoy the company of multiple females. A product for the guys who want to get in, get out, and dust their tracks.

Dionysos maximizes comfort from the ladies but has a social sexual edge as a layer.


     The main effect ingredient in Dionysos is androstenone which has been known to raise the aura with dominant male sexuality. To this we added a desirable ratio of calming androstadienone to increase comfort to the very masculine androstenone effects. (Think of the yin balancing out the yang.) We also added androstanone and a few friends to tease out increased effects of each base molecule and buffer some of the negatives of high androstenone.


     This product is best suited for night time use as the formula was designed for high energy social gatherings like pubs, bars, parties, etc.

Medium range pherocloud.


     Recommended Dose is 1-3 sprays total in 24 hours to application points such as front of neck, wrists, or clothing. Effects best seen within 4 to 6 hours on females 18-30.

Wash application points or clothing well with soap and water before next use to avoid any unwanted buildup effects.


                                  Advanced Use:

     Core and Dionysos work well in conjunction with each other to produce a sexy and spontaneous aura that is very attractive to females. Different application points and dosage combinations may be needed to figure out your "sweet spot."


When combining products, it is best to use a different application point per product to avoid interfering with diffusion properties.


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