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-Increases Conversation

-IOI Generator

-Work Safe

-Increases Social Awareness

-Our most Social Formula


Sky is the limit when social networking. How many times have you walked into a cold room that stayed, well.. cold? How many cups of coffee later does it take to open a stale business room up?


Introducing Orbital. This formula is designed to increase conversation values and impart the wearer with enhanced social interactions. The wearer of the Orbital signature will come across as eager to converse and very friendly. Effects are very inviting for others to enter your space. Sometimes those affected strongly will occasionally "orbit around you". This can get annoying if not used properly.

It is also common to notice an increase in surrounding background chatter and random attention.


The main ingredient in Orbital is Androstenol. Alpha and Beta to be exact.

Alpha androsterone, beta androsterone, androstenone, androstadienol.

Orbital is very heavy in molecules but comprises very light molecules (that fly off the skin quickly). Best results are seen within 4 hours after application at 2-4 sprays.

Huge phero cloud.

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