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-Faster Escalation on Dates



Fortune favors the bold.


     The M3X social/sexual formula was designed for intimate encounters and is supported by the highest androstenone content Apex has offered. Best results have been noticed with those of existing high interest levels. However some users have reported that positive results have been seen in total strangers and acquaintances.


     Removal of inhibitions while wearing this product can occasionally be seen in both wearer and audience. These effects are similar to impaired judgment that alcohol consumption can produce. Do not drink M3X.


     The best way to drive a highly sexual formula like M3X is to first observe the initial effects produced on your audience. Some people may become affected more than others and the pheromone user is advised to remain calm. Confidence and patience are the best steering mechanisms that produce the most positive results with the product.



  1 or 2 sprays to the skin is the recommended application.

Placing the application near the face can affect the wearer as well. Applying to the back of the neck and wrists can minimize undesired self effects for many pheromone products.


     Androstenone buildup in M3X can cause conflicting issues with future applications if the previous application point is not cleansed first. Soap and water cleanup will work fine between applications.

  The high androstenone content of M3X is best used on females 30+ age at 1-2 sprays.

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