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-Social Alpha Formula

-Strengthens Social Status

-Good For Office and Meetings


Status. Social proof. Sexy. They get the job done. This is a status/ high interest product that has power steering and captures the endless possibilities of a true Titan among men.


     How do we do it? A unique combination of phero molecules Alpha Androstenol and Alpha Androsterone deliver the spine of the product. The high amounts of Alpha Androstenol in Titan would strain the strength of the molecule Alpha Androsterone. This left 'as is' would create a less status, more open social blend. So we add Androstenone to provide a dominant alpha male frame to offset this effect and preserve the strength of the Alpha Androsterone molecule. Like a Titan.


     Many testers have noticed that this product can turn sexual after 6 to 8 hours of aging on the skin. This is most likely due to the residual Alpha Androstenol left on the skin being converted into Androstenone by skin bacteria. Sounds gross I know but hey that's nature.


     Tip: One's own natural enone is slightly better than the synthetic form we use in the products. So basically your own initial pherosig just got enhanced by providing raw materials (A-nol) to corne bacteria on the skin to convert to naturally formed enone. An app within an app.

     In theory this conversion warps the end balance away from the initial Titan pheromone signature as the Alpha Androstenol is no longer a large buffer in the formula. Hence the aging process. We have been actively working with this technique and are testing an accelerated sexual version of Titan.


     We felt the name Titan was fitting by the way certain pheromone molecules are used in a supporting role. Once that rigid structure breaks down over time, the resulting signature can end up acting more like Dionysos with less buffers.


  Recommended Dosage: 2 to 4 sprays

Medium ranged phero cloud that tends to reduce in size as the application ages

     Can last up to 10 hours of enhanced social/status. On some body chemistry's the product may provide an additional sexual layer.

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