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-Powerful Bonding

-Day or Night use

-Relationship Enhancer


Core pheromone sprays contain well tested pheromones in very specific ratios combined with a few unique ingredients. These special ingredients help the pheromones travel easier from the skin, to the air, to other people.


     With Core, we have created an enhanced aura cloud that goes light years beyond the simple olfactory stimulus of a normal cologne.

We are not going to spin some garbage to you and say it will make the average guy an instant alpha dog or be swarmed by mobs of sex crazed women. Here at Apex we keep it real. Core is not engineered for the particular purpose of recreating some hollywood-style marketing machine scenario.


     This is a personality driven charisma product formulated and designed to feed off your own pheromone signature then enhance your interactions with additional boosting pheromones. You actually have to put in a bit of work to get your natural pheromones going so smile and be a happy healthy version of yourself.

Core is formulated to open more social doors but you will eventually have to walk through them yourself.


  Now forget you have the product on and just have fun.

     Core is an ultra premium baseline attraction product that not only enhances the aura of the wearer, but also tends to magnify the effects of other pheromone products it may be paired with.

What to expect.


     Like mentioned before, Core is a popularity product. It works along with your own chemistry. How you interact with your environment is up to you. Applying the product then hiding in the darkest corner of the bar will not achieve the desired result of having a spotlight on you now is it.


  This cologne is not a magic potion nor is it a replacement for poorly developed social skills.

Core is very easy to open (talk to) strangers and extremely good on people you already know. Old acquaintances will act like your best pal and new friends are made quite easily. Attention in the form of more stares and jovial conversation from the opposite sex is common.


     Recommended Dosage is 2 sprays with a maximum of 3 sprays total per 24 hours. The product is still working after the scent fades. Optimal duration is 6-8 hours with a slow decline in results thereafter. Best application advice is to apply the sprays to pulse points such as the neck and wrists.


                      Advanced Use:

     Core can be combined with numerous other Apex Pheromone products for synergistic effects. Sometimes different application doses per product may be explored to account for differing body chemistry's.


  Taking in adequate clean water amounts and a multivitamin is recommended with any pheromone use.

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